July 24, 2017

Hot Air Balloon Reflections

On Sunday in Bear Valley Springs, CA Tony and I were on chase crew with the pilots's husband Keith and we ended up at this lake to capture some great hot air balloon water reflections as well as other pilots. 


Insta Graham - the balloon I got to ride in on Friday!

SO amazing!

Moaning Caverns Tour

This place has been on my bucket list since I was a kid? I think I remember my dad talking about it but it could have been another cave. Or maybe it was the PBS special about caves that we recorded and watched over and over. Not really sure, all I know is that it was so fun to be able to finally go!

July 21, 2017

Camping Near Yosemite

Tony & I are not keen on staying at campgrounds when we camp. I dont know why, its not something we really do and we prefer camping for free on BLM land.  I guess it is nice to do paid campsites on occasion which is what we did on our Yosemite trip.

Yosemite or Bust - Bust!

We headed to Yosemite from our campsite in a little place called Tuttletown. I would say it was an hour/hour and a half away but after driving through the park we realized there was camping spots however we also realized that people probably booked very far in advance to get one.

June 28, 2017

Mossy Cave Trail Water Fun

This is one of my favorite places to go cool down when we are in the area. Despite the tiny gnats (?) that tend to swarm you when you stop moving, it really is a nice, fun and easy place to get to. The parking is limited so try to carpool or expect to walk a bit farther.

Once you park, follow the parking lot to the start of a path near some bathrooms that will say its the trail to Mossy Cave. You dont have to hike up to the 'cave' even though its just 0.4 miles. It's a steep'ish climb at first, but less than 20 steps probably and then the ground is fairly even to walk on. You will pass a couple bridges on your way to the waterfall that are great for taking photos on or crossing the water to get towards the cave. 

Now....let me get a selfie....

Smokey skies from the Brian Head fire

Too close to comfort for me!