March 28, 2017

Mecca Hills Ladder Canyon Hike

We tried this hike in the morning on Saturday but the road was so gravelly that I thought my car was going to fall apart just driving on it. We were also uncertain how hard the ladders would be to get up and down so we got down the road a few minutes and decided to turn around. It's called the Ladder Canyon or Painted Canyon and is 40 miles southeast of Palm Springs. Apparently it is one of the best slot canyon hikes in California. Yeah!

Salton Sea & Bombay Beach

Thanks to the Roadtripper app again, we discovered a place called Salton Sea & Bombay Beach. I read a few articles I found online about the area as we drove. 

East Jesus Adventures

Driving down the road from Salvation Mountain is a town of sorts, called East Jesus. Where people live for free with no rules. Well, I am sure there are rules of sorts. Snowbirds come here as well as people that just live here all year round. 

March 23, 2017

Exploring Salvation Mountain

I might never of heard of Salvation Mountain / Slab City if it wasn't for the Roadtripper app on my iPad and using it to plan a trip to Joshua Tree National Park, I probably would have not ever heard of this place. 

March 10, 2017

Questival Las Vegas 2017!

Tony and I participated in Questival last year in Slc, Utah and had a really fun time.  This year,  Las Vegas was the closest for us to get to and we were able to convince our friends Matt & Lindy to be on our team.  So far so good, we're having a blast! Follow our hashtag #desertllamas to catch the fun and the challenges we do!