February 3, 2017

Highway 1 Adventures?

We were so excited to get on our way and take the scenic route - on Highway 1 - back towards our home. 

Dinner & AirBNB in San Jose

This area of San Jose was really cool and pretty so we decided to stop and find dinner and explore the area a bit.

Cool San Fran Pics!

A few shots I captured on my Snapchat of neat / interesting things around SF...

Checking out SCRAP in San Francisco

My friend Marie is so knowledgable and amazing with all she does. She knows of this cool spot called SCRAP so after lunch at Squat and Gobble, we followed her and her husband over to this shop. It looks kind of junky on the outside with random things stacked everywhere but inside is so amazing! Marie and I were in heaven...our husbands...probably not quite as much.

Squat & Gobble Restaurant

Let me preface this post by saying that I could never live in San Francisco. Or, if I did...it'd be a very different way I'd have to live my life. No car? Boot car? Motorcycle? Parking is so hard to find! Most of it you have to pay for too.  We went to a restaurant for lunch after the fair and I figured they'd have ample parking but nope! We drove around for quite awhile before someone pulled out and we snagged their spot a few blocks from the restaurant.