June 18, 2018

Exploring Crystal Bridges

Crystal Bridges was high on our list + it was recommended by a couple of my siblings to go check out. It was free and so worth it to explore!

I know there is going to be quite a lot of pictures but take a scroll and enjoy :)

We started by walking around outside first and there were some cool exhibits and attractions...

A nice view of a lot of the museum, but not everything.

I love how green everything was. So much green again!

They were thrilled with the Snapchat filters, can you tell?

Farther back..

Up closer...

And even closer! Ha ha

We toured this house but they wouldn't let us take any pictures inside. Or touch anything. Or sit on anything. It was a little tiring not to be able to lean on the counter or sit on the couch. It was an interesting tour overall though.

One thing to note, inside the museum I was instructed by a couple of the 'guards' that I could only wear my mini purse backpack on one shoulder or on the front of me. Say what? They kind of hovered too which was annoying. There were no signs or rules about the backpack/purse that I remembered seeing and being confronted about it, including being stood way too close to, left for a bitter taste in my mouth. So, if you go, be aware of that.

A fun hallway for pictures

Some amazing art pieces here! So lifelike!

Of course I found an owl right away...

Such a tall tall painting!

Neat restaurant area. I can only imagine how much the food cost!

Interesting picture to look at up close. Feel free to click the image to make it bigger.

I respectfully cropped out the nakedness of this sculpture. 

Kinda loving this wallpaper!

The faces in these paintings on the left made me laugh so much and they all had a little story to go with them. You could also make your own around the corner!

It was very hot / humid outside. We didn't want to spend too long poking around outside but I think the trails would have been super fun to explore if the weather had been cooler. 

These snowball flowers are one of my favorites

One of my favorite pieces here on the right, all made from spools of thread!

Painted to look like the real game box. Wow!

I thought the candies were to take, but maybe not.

Always love exploring the gift shop and seeing what owl items or other neat things 
are carried, like these sticky birds, coloring books and salt and pepper shakers. 

Goodbye until next time, Crystal Bridges. You sure were super fun to explore!

If you ever find yourself in the area, here's the address to Crystal Bridges:

600 Museum Way, Bentonville, AR 72712

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