June 20, 2018

Branson Car Show

There's nothing like stumbling across a good car show! This is what we found in Branson Missouri on Saturday when we were there. I'm glad we were able to check it out and it was conveniently located close to the mirror maze and wax museum so we could park and walk.

Too funny, a little replica of the bigger version of the car here under the hood
I also love the etched glass of the American flag here on the bag window of this Jeep

If my car was cool I would def. give it a hashtag.
Loving those flames on the right as well. Reminds me of my days of working at Color Supply

This would be a comfy trunk for the drive in movies

This truck caught my eye because of the neat neon red light setup in the grill and headlights.

I wonder where our next car show will be?

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