November 14, 2017

La Jolla Cove Morning Walk

 My friend Judy who lives in Arizona is in San Diego right now and since Tony & I are here too, she and I have been able to hang out a bit. On Monday I got to go to the zoo with her and today we went on one of her favorite walks in La Jolla. We parked outside The Cave Store. It's only $5 to go in to the cave!

The views were amazing and the weather was perfect. Not too hot, not too cold but just right

We saw pelican, seagulls and cormorants

Those black looking birds are cormorants. Below is a nice close up picture..

A sea lion waving hello

The water was so pretty!

We saw sea lions too. Do you know the difference?

Looking down the beach. That water! So awesome!

I wonder what the story is behind this lifeguard box. I did a Google search and found this website, maybe it's the answer?

Seals chillin'


We need to figure out what bird this is. Maybe some kind of hawk?

I had a fantastic time walking the shoreline with Judy because she is great company and knowledgable about the area. I'm so glad I was able to come here!

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