November 10, 2017

Monument Valley WOW

 Monument Valley. Oh's been quite a long time since we have come here! I'd say...2012 was the last time we were able to come. We had just picked up our teardrop camper in New Mexico and were hitting up some camping and sights on the way back to Salt Lake. We came here and I was blown away. It is a stunning place!

The drive in from the direction we were coming (which had been from Page) 

In fact, last time we came I dont recall having to pay $20 to get in. $20!! For reals? Apparently we can't use our National Parks pass and I swear we used it last time we came here. Grr. The other annoying thing was that everything was super overpriced. $1 for my traditional flattened penny? $12 for a burger? $16 for indian fry bread?! Nooo.

Enough complaining about the price gouging. Just good to be aware of if you have not been here before. Let's just enjoy the scenery and oh so scenic yet very bumpy at times, drive.

My friend Kylee and her son James came with us to the balloon festival and to Monument Valley too. Soo fun!


Once we got done playing around at the visitor center, we started the scenic drive.Regular cars were on it but I am not sure how since there were at least 2 if not more, really rough parts. They do have open sided carts you can ride in for a tour but I have no idea how much that costs. They do take you some places you cannot get to (or they dont let you go) in a regular car, so maybe that is worth paying for. I can't really comment on that.  

This sign was so funny. 
"WHOAH Stop This is the place to do horse ride"
Lol lol

So glad I brought my Snapchat glasses!

Trying to take a vertical panoram. Hehe

Drinking it all in. Seriously I guess this would have to be one of my most favorite places to go. But at the cost of $20 to get in (that does let you in for 2 consecutive days) I am sure its not a place we will visit again anytime soon sadly.

We felt so small in comparison to all the humungous rocks we were surrounded by

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