November 15, 2017

Cabrillo National Monument

Got a new stamp in our National Parks passport book - that's so exciting!
We have never come here before and prior to this trip to San Diego, I had never even heard of this place.

The views were quite perfect

Unfortunately we came about 30 minutes before closing and I guess I am not used to National Parks shutting down completely for the day and you are not able to be on the grounds at all, but here, it all closed at 5pm so we had to hustle. 

We thought they'd be playing a movie in here but if they do, I guess it was done for the day. There were some animals in here and I'm glad they were not alive. Snakes, raccoons, coyotes, oh my!

Checked out the museum exhibit area next, it wasn't very big but it had lots of information.

I guess you can see whales if you come at the right time

Tony got these pictures outside while I bought our mandatory pin and magnet in the 
gift shop


I wish I had tried my hand at taking a picture of the lighthouse. This one turned out alright I guess. I really wanted to hike up to it but they wouldn't let us because by this time it was 5pm. So...we'll have to go back! favorite view from the cemetery on base.

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