September 15, 2017

Spirit of Boise Hot Air Balloon Festival

I was really wanting to go to the hot air balloon festival in Boise but Tony was not so much into it. It was talked about at the reunion and Tony's mom expressed interest in going so we woke up shortly before 6am to make the hour drive in to Boise to watch the balloons fly. It was perfect timing!

There was about 30 hot air balloons there

There's the balloon - Desert Breeze - yellow with the flowers on it there in the middle, see it? That's the one we got engaged on! Always fun to see & remember.


Gave me a little reminder of how Albuquerque is - 
so many balloons dotting the sky!

Underneath the liberty bell balloon!

 So worth going and I am glad we made it happen. If you are ever in the Boise area during Labor Day weekend, this is a festival I would recommend checking out!

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