September 18, 2017

Logandale Hiking

Photo by Tony Hoxsie

It felt so good to get out and go for a hike with my friend Kylee and her son and her aunt came too. I haven't gotten to go on a hike for quite awhile it feels like so I was really excited that it worked out to go with them.

We found a little cave and walked in to the end. Pretty dark, we didn't see any bats but there were some spider webs. I am guessing people don't really hang out in this cave much.

There could have been burrowing owls on this hike as well but we didn't end up seeing any.

We did see a lizard or two and a bunch of bees gathered by a water hole from a recent rainstorm. Glad to avoid them as we hiked up and down all the rocks.

I really didn't take many pictures on this hike and it got hot towards the end. I did take some video on my Spectacles so I will have to see if I can get it off and save it somewhere to show you guys later.

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Our Little Slice of Life said...

Glad to see you got in some hike time, I know how much you like that. The pictures are great