September 13, 2017

Meridian, ID

After the family reunion we rolled out of the campsite around 11am or so on Labor Day. We headed to Meridian where my parents live and met my dad for lunch at Which Wich. I got the chicken parmesan sandwich and it sure was good. We went to the house and dropped off our stuff because we were staying the night and left again after awhile to do some errands.

Excited to shower. Sleep in a bed. See my parents. Go to Craft Warehouse!

One of those "errands" was dinner. We seriously could not decide on a place. Nothing sounded good to me yet everything sounded good to me. Fuddruckers closed down :( We *almost* went to Zupas. In the end, we ended up at Texas Roadhouse. 

Tony was happy with his ribs and I was happy with my meat, mushrooms, mashed potatoes and rice.

Photo by Tony Hoxsie

My mom does an amazing job in the backyard with the landscape and this day was no different.

We went to Craft Warehouse and I bought some cool stuff, Dick's Sporting Goods was closed for the day, sadly and we stopped in at Rue21 which was closing but I only found one shirt I liked for $3 and it wasn't the worth the wait in line. We went to another sporting goods store and found life jackets for 75% off making them $10/each! Great deal to end a great day. The next destination on our trip was to Portland so stay tuned to read about that!

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