April 12, 2017

Joshua Tree Airbnb Review

After we went to Joshua Tree and ate a yummy BBQ dinner, we went to our Airbnb place. 

This picture was taken the next morning a we were leaving. But you can see there is lots of parking and a side gate to the backyard where we would enter in to the section of the house we stayed in.

They had lots of animals in the backyard! A couple dogs, wild birds, chickens. Such a nice place and set up.

Inside was a mini fridge but since we shared food at the restaurant we didnt need to use it. It would have been good for keeping cream cheese for bagels or yogurt in.

I loved this area - microwave with popcorn available if we wanted it, toaster and other supplies in case we wanted to get some food ready to eat. 

Next, the bathroom. Nice and clean with a shower. I cant recall if there was a fan or not but it's always nice when you have a fan that a can be turned on when you're in a bathroom. Amiright?

I love that the room had a fireplace. It was chilly in the evening and we were able to turn that on to make the room warmer, especially with the tile floor. 

I'd totally stay here again if we were in the area!

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