March 28, 2017

Mecca Hills Ladder Canyon Hike

We tried this hike in the morning on Saturday but the road was so gravelly that I thought my car was going to fall apart just driving on it. We were also uncertain how hard the ladders would be to get up and down so we got down the road a few minutes and decided to turn around. It's called the Ladder Canyon or Painted Canyon and is 40 miles southeast of Palm Springs. Apparently it is one of the best slot canyon hikes in California. Yeah!

I checked out the hashtag for the canyon hike on Instagram and found a person who had done the hike recently. I asked her if our car would make it and she responded! Later in the day was when I saw her message to me so we went to Salvation Mountain, East Jesus and Salton Sea first and hit up this hike on our way back.

So far so good!

Looking up as we hiked in the canyon. I really like these kinds of hikes, not sure why.

The ladders were actually really fun and not too scary.

 This is my disappointed face because we were almost to the end of the hike but the sun was starting to go down and we didnt bring headlamps with us. My phone was low on battery from taking pictures and video. I hate having to turn around when we've almost made it!

I am super glad we decided to give this hike a second chance because it was really fun and a different twist to have the ladders than just regular hiking/scrambling up and down rocks. 

Check out more information from a fellow hiker who went here.

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