June 26, 2017

Panguitch Valley Balloon Rally 2017 Day 1

Smoke covering the sky from the fire going on at Brian Head Ski Resort

We headed out mid-afternoon on Friday and stopped in Las Vegas for some Cafe Rio on our way. So good and I was excited to use my $5 off any meal because I have the app. Woot! Plus Friday is my favorite meal deal and they only do it that day so it was a double win. 

We made it to the campsite pretty late (almost 2am) and after Kylee's dog had a confrontation with a rattlesnake, we all decided car camping would be best and we'd set up the pop up the next day for them.

We got up about 5:45am and headed into Panguitch from our camping spot, to the field by the school where the balloons would be setting up. They had donuts which was so nice and I got a maple bar. What did I not get? A picture. So did I really eat a maple bar?

One of my top favorite balloons of course!

Such a good morning for a flight despite the smokey skies

Tony & I helped crew for Judy and on Saturday our job was to hold open the mouth of the balloon so it could fill with air from a giant fan

Just like this!

Growing bigger!

Judy offered to let ME get in the basket since her sponsors didn't show up and she didnt have to ask me twice. I have gotten to go up in hot air balloons (mainly hers) quite a bit now and it's always a magical experience however if I have a friend there or there's another crew member who has not gotten to go up, I'm all about letting them have a turn instead. It's all good! I just enjoy being around the balloons. 

Got some good shots up in the air but they are on my ipod. Tony had my phone in case Judy needed to call him (he was driving her car for the chase crew) but he did get a few shots of me up in the air

So happy!

Stay tuned for what adventures we had in the afternoon....

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