February 3, 2017

Squat & Gobble Restaurant

Let me preface this post by saying that I could never live in San Francisco. Or, if I did...it'd be a very different way I'd have to live my life. No car? Boot car? Motorcycle? Parking is so hard to find! Most of it you have to pay for too.  We went to a restaurant for lunch after the fair and I figured they'd have ample parking but nope! We drove around for quite awhile before someone pulled out and we snagged their spot a few blocks from the restaurant.

Cool tree I saw on our way to the restaurant 

I ordered this crepe filled with veggies. 
Pretty delicious even though that green sauce was spicy!

Tony ordered a burger with side of salad. He said it was okay, not the best he has had. Kind of a bummer to spend a lot on a meal and it's not excellent. Lesson learned. I'd come again and try another crepe though! However, I do miss Crepeville in Northern CA.

Part of the extensive menu!

A picture as we left. I liked that they had outdoor seating as well as indoor.

On our way to our next stop and we got stopped by a protest/march!

You can see the ocean way out there. Kinda cool!

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