February 3, 2017

Checking out SCRAP in San Francisco

My friend Marie is so knowledgable and amazing with all she does. She knows of this cool spot called SCRAP so after lunch at Squat and Gobble, we followed her and her husband over to this shop. It looks kind of junky on the outside with random things stacked everywhere but inside is so amazing! Marie and I were in heaven...our husbands...probably not quite as much.

The name of the store is just what you find inside. Scraps of all sorts of things! Organized in to fabric, yarn, craft supplies like beads and paint, wood, various containers and more.

So organized!

Lots of beads!

Very random..who would buy this?!

I probably looked and looked more than I took pictures but hopefully this gives you somewhat of a taste of what you can find in this neat place. 

To visit Scrap yourself, their address is: 

Newcomb Street between Toland and Selby. Our address: 801 Toland St. SF, CA 94124

Totally let me know if you go!

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Our Little Slice of Life said...

I am blushing, you are so so awesome! I am so very grateful everyday for our chance meeting at CES! Scrap is such a unique place, lol. We need to make a day trip of San Francisco soon and go to some other fun places.