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February 3, 2017

World's Fair Nano

The views on Saturday morning on our way to San Francisco were pretty nice!

"We're on a bridge Charlie!"

The views of San Francisco 

We made it! I'm glad we got in line at 9 because the line got quite long as it inched towards 9:30 and they didn't let us in on time because the top person heading the event was still on their way. I think they let us in around 9:45.

Waiting in line with Tony

Friends banding together...hehe...see what I did there?

So many booths and exhibits that were hands-on. That was cool.

Invisible spray! Pretty cool product (see example in next pic)

Would you eat these? I tried the Banana Bread one thinking it would be light yellow in color but nope - it was dark. I had two teensy bites and that is all I could do. 

Prynt photos from your phone and include a video in the pic! Very slick

Emberlight is a socket that turns any light into a smart bulb!

This little light box is pretty fun, check out their website for more info on how this works. You can sign up to be on their mailing list, they are almost ready for purchase! I believe they will be selling for around $350.

I got to try this sweet electric skateboard that I've been getting emails for for awhile. A Periscoper named Alex got one and I've been intrigued ever since. It was neat to try one in real life!

Around 1 or so, we were done. We would have been done sooner but there was a wait to ride that Acton skateboard. We were very hungry so it was time to find food! There were a few food trucks and I would not have minded eating a steamed hamburger but Marie told us about a restaurant she liked so we decided to go!

Scenery along the way. That row of palm trees down the middle of the street were so pretty! Wish I could have gotten a better angle.

Back to the conference for a moment, I am not sure if I would like to go again. It was cool but overpriced kind of. We only went for 1 day instead of both and I thought we would be busy until the floor closed at 6pm but we had done and seen everything we wanted to by noon. There were some interesting classes but we didn't sit in on any of them and that may have taken some time up if we had decided to do that. We did all score drones which covered the price of our ticket but no guarantee that would happen to us next year. Overall, I'm glad I went to experience all this future tech!

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