February 3, 2017

Highway 1 Adventures?

We were so excited to get on our way and take the scenic route - on Highway 1 - back towards our home. 

I've never heard of Seaside, CA - only Seaside, OR so it was kind of fun to learn there is a Seaside in this state too. 

Strawberry fields went on for miles

We went by this tiny museum so fast and so Tony turned the car around so I could get a couple quick pictures

The museum is called the Canapo Art Gallery

 Shortly after going down Highway 1 we saw a sign - ONE sign - and I barely saw it! We turned around and went back to read the sign and discovered Highway 1 was closed in 50 miles. So sad! There went seeing Big Sur and other cool sights. This is the second time we have tried to do this drive. The first time was in 2011 during our honeymoon and a chunk of highway had fallen in to the ocean. We kept going, thinking there would be a detour and there never was one. We had to turn and drive all the way back to the start of the road and missed our plans in L.A.  Did a plan B in Monterey which turned out fun but I always wonder how plan A would have went (mystery dinner show).

We stopped in Monterey for a bit for lunch and Tony drove up and down Cannery Row at a slow pace so I could play Pokemon. I caught 3 new ones! So very exciting since there are not any good places to play in Ridgecrest. 

It was in the 60's and the most perfect weather ever! Lots of families outside walking around with bikes and strollers...I love days like this.

We couldn't stay all day unfortunately and so we drove and drove and drove...

...past lots of interesting things and towns that I had never heard of before. It was interesting and I didn't waste time taking any naps even though Tony was driving the whole time and I was backup.

That pretty much concludes our roadtrip to Oakland, San Francisco, the World Fair Nano, SCRAP, San Jose, a tiny bit of Highway 1 and Monterey. Thanks for reading!

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