February 27, 2017

Bottle Tree Ranch

Photo by Tony Hoxsie

I heard about this place off and on throughout the years and when I heard we were going to be passing by the area on our way to another weekend adventure (Joshua Tree NP!) I knew we had to take the time to stop. I'm so glad we did - it was crazy cool! Quite the sight to see. Here are some of the pictures I captured of the place....

Photo by Tony Hoxsie


Photo by Tony Hoxsie

It was fun just wandering around, everything was hands on...you could touch things and there were kids, young adults and older people too who had stopped to explore.

Photo by Tony Hoxsie

Reminds me of Arizona :)

Photo by Tony Hoxsie

See ya next time!

If you'd like to check this place out for yourself, you can find more information on Yelp's website of the hours, address, etc.


Tedi @ Running with Infertility said...

I've heard of that place, though I have never been! Super cool, thanks for sharing!

Ali said...

What a quirky and cool place!!