March 1, 2017

First Timers in Joshua Tree NP!

I've heard about Joshua Tree NP for quite awhile, maybe since I lived in Arizona back in 2007-2011? People would go camping there for the weekend but I was not much into knowing what it was about, let alone realizing it was a National Park. I dont think I really knew National Parks existed as a kid, we certainly never went to any even though I grew up in Northern CA. I'd heard of Yosemite and Yellowstone but it wasn't until I was a teenager that my crave to travel started.

We headed out from Ridgecrest shortly after 8am and got to Joshua Tree roughly 3 hours later. We checked out the vistor's center first to get a map and some tips on what to check out. Of course we found our magnet and pin to add to our collection! Was a bit disappointing not to find a movie room with a place to sit and watch the history of the park. The park was full that day and the ranger said we would be lucky to find parking. After we made sandwiches in the car we headed out and hoped for the best. 

The roads have quite a lot of pull-outs usually so it was easy to pull over and take a picture if we saw something cool

The Joshua tree's were quite thick in places and in other places, more spread out

We did the Nature Loop hike on the Hidden Valley Trail and it was quite nice

Spots for amazing views

She was going along pretty well!

She had quite the audience and there were groups cheering her on. Also sad when she slipped on the slack line.

Ready to hike around some more!

Can you see the smiling face?

Perfect place to stop for a quick rest

 To be continued!

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