February 3, 2017

Dinner & AirBNB in San Jose

This area of San Jose was really cool and pretty so we decided to stop and find dinner and explore the area a bit.

We found this Mexican restaurant to eat at for dinner. I was anxious to try their rolled tacos.

The plate was big but luckily Tony helped me finish it. I got the beef rolled tacos. It was not shredded beef but little pieces cut up and seasoned. Different but good. The guac on top was spicy but the sour cream balanced it out.

We went to see a dollar theater movie, only to find out it was just a regular movie theater and movies were $12+ ! Darn it all. Luckily the theater was right by an outdoor shopping/mall area so we had fun walking around, playing Pokemon and eating Pinkberry.

The expensive movie theater. Pretty...but no.

Sugarfina had a sweet store window!

After killing a bit more time on a college campus playing a bit more Pokemon, we headed to the place we were staying for the night. Tony found this place on AirBnb and it turned out great!

Fun bedroom light lamp

Instructions everywhere. Funny but handy.

Corner desk

The place we stayed! Trailer home but very nice despite the fact I couldn't open the laundry room door to get back in to my car to get my laptop. Fast internet though so overall that is a win. Plus the place was pretty clean. I'd stay here again.

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