September 29, 2015

Park City Getaway - Saturday!

 Tony and I bought a timeshare presentation/stay in Park City , UT a couple years ago. Seriously, we are the worst! We forgot about it for awhile, then tried to use it this summer and had to keep changing the date. Finally Tony said, no more changing the date! and we went in August up to the resort after work on Friday. It was supposed to be 3 days 2 nights but unfortunately we didn’t get up there until almost 8pm so there went a chunk of our day. Oh well, it was okay.


We got checked in and settled for a little bit and then decided to go out and explore a bit. We wandered around the hotel a bit - it stunk that there was no close parking to our room and we got a bit turned around and lost once we finally found parking in the garage and tried to navigate back to our room.

We got some food at Cafe Rio (no flash here, obvi) and then went to Smith's to rent a Redbox and find some food for breakfast the next day. Not much planning went into this trip,  which stressed me out because I like to bring food and snacks and not spend a lot eating out. Glad there was a grocery store to pick up a few necessary items. Coming back to the hotel there was ZERO parking and valet had to park our car for us. Whoops.

 The next morning...

 Best breakfast ever!! We did bring our popcorn popper with us :)

Just kidding - we had cereal with bananas. Thank you Tony!

Next we went out garage sale'ing because it was a beautiful day and I found a few we could go to, not sure how much Tony loved it but it was fun looking around.

 Like, I said, perfect weather day!

We saw this on our way to the outlets - hot air balloons!

Tony having fun at Claire's

We shopped until we dropped, went back to the hotel to reset for a bit and explored around a bit more before going to dinner.

 These trees are one of my favorites

 The reviews online were great for Chubasco Mexican Grill and it was recommended to me by a few people to go here as well. 

 The highlight of dinner was the salsa bar. We tried a lot of different kinds. I liked the pico de gallo best. Tony was not super impressed with the food but agreed the salsa bar was fun.

Back at Westgate we were so so tired but really wanted to go to the spa/pool/steam room so we got our swim stuff ready and it was actually not far at all to walk there from our room, thank goodness because our feet ached from all the walking we had done that day. There were not a lot of people in the room with all the pool stuff so that was nice. I miss going swimming so often, I went a lot in Arizona but it doesnt seem to happen much in Utah even though Seven Peaks is included on our Pass of All Passes.

Here are some pics of our room...

Stay tuned for what happened on our last and final 2!

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