September 29, 2015

Park City - Final Day!

 We had our timeshare presentation which started the next morning at 9am I believe. Kind of stunk not to be able to sleep in but the whole reason we even got to come here was because we agreed to sit through a 90 min presentation. 

We got some breakfast and wow, timeshare presentations have changed since we last did one. I was used to being in a room in a group and then breaking off to talk to a person about the details and signing up for a timeshare. Not this time! We got 1 on 1 with a lady who got to know us and asked a lot of questions about how we vacation. Lucky for me, Tony was watching the clock and when the 90 minutes were up, he mentioned it. We had not even gone on our 'tour' yet! The lady did not seem to happy that we wanted to end and she went off to find her manager. That took quite awhile and in the end, they let us go because we were both "students." Sounded like just an excuse. I work full time and Tony works part time. But it was nice to get out of there and continue to enjoy the rest of our day. 


 We went swimming again, this time in the partial indoor-outdoor pool.
It was so very nice!

Time to go. This was our room key and the last parking spot we found in the garage that day. Overall it was a fun getaway, actually a bit relaxing even though we did a lot of going going going. A bit bummed at the service we received and a few other things but overall, Park City is a nice place and I wouldn't mind staying up there again sometime.

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