August 24, 2015

To Idaho in June!

June 5th we drove to Boise for the weekend

Beanie Babies sold here! Tony wouldn't let me go in...

Those bugs though :(

Awesome sunset going on

Spent the nights in Idaho at Tony's parents house and the next morning we woke up and went over to my parents house in Meridian for a bit.

My dad made yummy tacos and rice for lunch

After some visiting, we headed to the baptism of Tony's nephew, Jackson.

Sunday clothes on a Saturday and Tony even wore a tie!

Funny car in a parking lot

We went to eat dinner at Tony's brother & sister in law's house. Tony is pretending to take food from Tadman's plate. So funny!

The kids jumped on the trampoline for a bit

Tony's 8 year old nephew!

Shopping was next and it was our only time during the trip to go to some stores. I went to Craft Warehouse - of course - and checked out the Boise Tai Pan store but they had just barely closed. Went to Michael's which was right next door and called it good. 

Window display at the Tai Pan store

Cool tree that is always so bright, across the street from Tony's parents.


Got to see my niece Chloe who now lives in Utah for the next 2 years!

Her brother Jeff Jr. 

We went to my parents ward this time for church and decided we would drive home and everyone else was walking. I knew the combo to open the garage but couldn't remember the code to turn off the house alarm so driving home to beat everyone there didn't do us any good. Whoops. 

So I took some pictures outside while we waited...

Finally everyone got back to the house, we got changed and then Tony's grandma (on his dad's side) was having a big birthday party so we went to that for a little bit to eat and socialize with his relatives. 

Such great decorations.

Talking to the birthday lady! (in the purple shirt)

Such fun. All too soon it was time to drive back to SLC. See you next time Idaho!

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