October 20, 2014

Nebo Loop Scenic Drive

We started out and almost turned around.  We came across a pretty bad accident that stopped the traffic on the freeway for awhile. No good!

Then it started raining hard. 

So hard that my windshield wipers were on the highest setting

But I am glad we didnt turn around because the weather got better, 
even though it stayed overcast

Here we go!

A bit blurry because we were driving and then it got foggy.

Then we found this!!  I LOVE the real Bryce Canyon National Park. I had never heard of the mini one

Then we saw some wild turkeys!

How cool is that?!

Nebo Loop is one of my favorite scenic drives! I love my Mazda but the car I drive now, the HHR, didnt overheat at the top of the drive like my Mazda always did. It was weird but nice. 

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