August 26, 2014

Exploring Pinedale, WY

The drive to Pinedale sure was pretty!

We went to the Mountain Man museum but it was $7/person and they closed in 45 minutes. Nevermind that! We walked around outside and admired the teepees. 

Ladybug with stripes almost instead of dots, on one of the tents

We went to a grocery store and walked around and then there was a hardware store next door so we walked around there as well to see what we could see. I thought this "Invisible Glove" stuff was pretty funny. Should have gotten it for a white elephant gift exchange! Oh man. 

As we were leaving town to drive back to the campsite, Tony & I saw this huge owl painted on the side of a building by a park. You bet I made Tony turn around and get out with me for a picture. Ahh I love it!

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