August 26, 2014

Walk The Winds Teardrop Camper Meetup

Day 1 in the morning when we woke up around 10am inside the teardrop near Pinedale, Wyoming. These are our scary sleepy faces. Haha.

Let me back up a bit. We left Friday evening a bit after 10pm to drive to this teardrop camper meetup group, our first one ever! Tony got off work later than he had planned and we were super iffy about going as the event got closer because of some rain storms. It took awhile to pack up everything and that included a stop for some supplies at Winco and dinner at Popeye's.  We pulled over after a couple hours because both of us were too tired to drive any longer. We slept for a bit and then continued on our way. At a certain point the GPS could no longer direct us but amazingly we were able to find the campsite thanks to the website where the event was posted.

Tony made breakfast...

powdered eggs turned into this!

hashbrowns mixed with some of the eggs. It was a good breakfast and filled me up. 

View of the campsite area. It sure was pretty!

Looking up at the trees because...

I was laying in the hammock! Super excited we got to set this up because most of the time when we camp, there are not really any trees for some reason. But this time we had some trees by where we parked and it was perfect. I love laying in the hammock! The one Tony brought this time is just for 1 person but we do have a 2 person one.  This hammock is cool because it has a mosquito net built in so you can sleep outside with it and not worry about getting emptied of all your blood while you sleep. Haha.

Watching Tony cook breakfast from the hammock. 

Pandy and Hoote behaving for once. 

After breakfast we started to meet some of the other teardrop camper people who had come and got to check out their teardrops. We took pictures of some things we thought that were neat. 

This couple had huge doors on both sides of their teardrop, I really liked that. 

Their back kitchen area was so cute!

This is on the teardrop Bubbles and they installed this pull out basket for putting shoes in to. We loved the idea so much we just went to Ikea and got a basket to install on ours. Cant wait to get it put on!

Round windows on Bubbles,  so unique

I loved that you could access the kitchen if you were inside the teardrop. I also really liked the map of the states they have been to with the teardrop. I want to make something like this for ours. 

This was made so they dont run into the end of their teardrop in the middle of the night.  Great idea!

The back kitchen area. I loved the baskets!

I loved their salt and pepper shaker holder!

Headed to this setup next, he is from Arkansas! His teardrop was really cool looking, I dont know why I didnt take a picture of the whole outside but this is the back kitchen area. 

Cool little table from Sam's Club. I want one!

The slide out drawers on teardrops are so cool. This one belonged to Mike and it had a lot of interesting parts as well. 

Here is a picture of the outside

Crazy bugs in Wyoming! You could get wi-fi with antennas like that!

Then I caught a tiny frog! Reminded me of the toads one year in Woodland at the 4th of July breakfast and flag raising ceremony. We took a bunch home and had toads in our yard for a long time. So cool.

Our 'neighbors' , they were so so nice!

Thanks to Liz that took this picture of Tony & I with our teardrop.

In the afternoon we went into Pinedale and did some exploring. 
That will be in the next blog post.

In the evening it was a dinner potluck but we didnt plan that so well. Next year we will do better. Tony had bought chicken but then we didnt get back from town in time to cook it so he tried to do a dutch oven peach cobbler dessert instead but we ended up eating it the next morning with everyone. 

Dinner. Everyone brought/made such fantastic food!

My plate. Everything was my favorite. Spaghetti to meat to chips and queso to potato salad. Mmm mmm good. 

I should have asked how this tradition started but the guys lit their lanterns when it started to get a little dark outside. Most lanterns were Coleman brand I think and it's a 'think' to collect / search for the one that has your birthday on it. Now I want to find mine! It's pretty cool. There was no walk that happened with them, they just sat on a table and we enjoyed looking at them. 

There were a few campers there that were not teadrops but sadly the all left Sunday morning and we didnt get a chance to see inside them really. Hopefully next time we can. 

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