July 9, 2014

Lake, Beatles Band & Balloon Glow

Saturday afternoon after Fremont State Park, Andrew really wanted to go to a lake so we found one. This one. I'm glad I kept my feet up and out of the water.

I'm not sure that Heidi put her feet in but Andrew and Tony both did and had leeches suck on to their feet and these thin long worms start crawling on them! I even got some of the worm things get on the bottom of my shoes. Sneaky! I did not like this lake at all. 

We headed back to Salina (the lake was 30 min or so away) and caught this cool show

We bought one of the best pizzas I've ever had as we sat and people watched and hung out in the shade. It was hot!

A Beatles tribute band performed for a couple hours. I know my cousin Kevin would have enjoyed this!

Finally time for the balloon glow

It's hard for my pictures to show up good when it's night time and the balloons are swaying about a bit

I do like how this shot turned out!

Back at the campsite we made smores , chili and fritos for dinner. So fun and so good.

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