November 6, 2014

Cedar Breaks National Monument

This was actually a trip we did in June. We have tried to come here a couple times , the first time it was really cold and there was snow on the ground. We were passing by it from another trip we were headed home from and decided to try going. Nevermind that. Then we tried to go another time but my car was really low on gas. We got about halfway up and I felt like we should turn around and not keeping going so we didnt get to go that time either. 3rd time is the charm!

This is the gift store/information center. I bought Tony a game here as a birthday present that we can play while we are camping. It's a National Parks game so it fits in well with the theme of games we have been trying to collect.

The view was amazing and reminded me of Bryce Canyon!

It was a perfect weather day. Not super hot, not super cold.

Can you find the arch? I had to zoom in to get a good look

The view coming and going

The drive away from the park was gorgeous. So green. I wish we could have stayed and camped, maybe someday.

Down by the ski lodge there were people jumping off this lift onto a huge pillow filled with air so we watched for a bit like creepers.

I got the best gas mileage ever. Going downhill that is 

The teardrop followed us all the way home.

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