April 29, 2013

We're Homeowners!

THIS was our reason for being in NM...

We have wanted a teardrop camper ever since we got married. We look on Craigslist/KSL off and on. Tony drew plans for one. We went and looked at people selling trailers so we could build our own. We gathered some wood from Freecycle. But then, Sunday the 21st, we got an email about the one shown above, located in NM and the price was pretty much perfect so we decided to extend our anniversary weekend in southern UT/northern AZ to include a trip to NM.

Entering the town of Magdalena. About an hour and a half from Albuquerque

People here are given tiny trashcans!

The picture is not that great but we are almost to the guy's house who has the teardrop!

Pulling up to the guy's (Brian) house and I see it! Squee!

I snapped this cool picture of the bathroom sink at Brian's house. Total creeper of me to do that but isnt it pretty!?

After checking it out in real life (we had gotten tons of pictures of it already in our email) we purchase the teardrop and Tony gets it hooked up to the truck. Unfortunately the ball was too big so we traded with Brian for one the right size. Phew, glad that worked out. It was a long way to get to a Walmart!

Jump-picture-fail. Ah well. Will try again later

We  hear about a ghost town not too far away. We go down this super bumpy dirt road only to find "no trespassing" and "private property" signs. All that work for nothing! Come back out to the main road and I think we found the ghost town. Haha! Picture above is an old mine. 

Part of the ghost town I guess.

To me this was a very strange ghost town. I am so curious though what all used to be here and what kind of people used to live here. I tried to Google to see if I could find out more about these ruins but no such luck yet.

This looked to be the only opening

Tony standing outside this building. I dont think it was a kiva after all but I'm not really sure

We had to squeeze through some barbed wire to check the ruins out

Here is a better jumping picture of me with the teardrop. Ha!

So we were headed out of Magdalena on to our next destination when one of the solar panels on the teardrop came loose. We quickly pulled over to assess the damage. There were some pretty strong winds outside plus I'm sure all the driving on dirt roads didnt help this situation any.

Tony didnt want me to take a picture but I had to document. It took awhile to find his Leatherman tool, so glad we had it because we didnt have any other tools with us. We had to unhook all 3 solar panels because they were connected together to a battery in the black box (shown in picture above)

We were finally on our way again. The sky was so pretty!

Radio Astronomy Observatory.
Learn more here

We really wanted to go check this place out, Brian told us we could but we could not figure out the road to get close to them. One road we tried didnt work and we got back on the freeway and didnt see any other turnoffs. So disappointing. I had no idea this was out here or I would have tried to research it a bit before our trip. Was really cool to see this though!

So many old windmill things..not sure what they are called exactly. But yea. Snapped a quick picture as we drove by.


Alaina Bullock said...

How neat! This is me and my husbands dream, too!

Helena Lemon said...

So what is the draw of a teardrop camper as opposed to other campers? I'm not real up on my trailors, obviously. I loved your jumping shots! The ghost town was pretty cool too and I'm totally glad you were a creeper and got that shot of the sink 'cause it was cool! Have a great week!

Holly @ Woman Tribune said...

What a cool camper! Such an interesting shape and a great way to get together and get out on the road and see the world. Also, I don't think it makes you a creeper that you took a picture of the guy's bathroom sink. A sink like that practically demands pictures be taken of it. It is stunning!

Aim Cutler said...

What a fun post Stacie! :) Look how happy you look!!! :) I'll have to check it out when I come over one day eh? :)