May 21, 2013

The Road to the Snowflake, AZ

And a long road it was! We drove from Magdalena NM to Snowflake, AZ
It took about 3 hours.

On the way we had to pull over because there was a "procession" coming. Cop cars and finally this:

All this for an "oversize" load?  Oh my.

Cool picture I got out Tony's window while he was driving.

Stopped at a Walmart once we got to Arizona to pick up a few things and rny friend Marietta! She is from the Woodland Stake in CA and now lives in AZ. Crazy cool to see her again! She was coming out of Walmart as we were walking in. So nice of her to walk back in with us and chat for awhile. Meanwhile , back outside, we had about 7 people come over to us and want to see the inside of the teardrop and talk to us about it. That was pretty cool!

Before we left the Walmart parking lot, we started dinner in the crockpot - soup! So handy to have a outlet in the back of the truck. Super cool!

Arriving at the Snowflake Temple to take some pictures....

Teardrop & the temple. 

Some model shots of the teardrop ;-)

And it was on to our next spot...Crystal Forest.
We camped here for the night and the next day we explored the Petrified Forest.
Stay tuned for pictures of that!

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