April 29, 2013

Heading Down to New Mexico

Driving in to New Mexico early early Friday morning. 
We had left SLC around 9pm Thursday evening. 

Had some delays, well, things we needed to do before heading out. I had a job interview, picked up our rental truck from Toyota, got my hair cut, went to Smiths to get some food we needed for the trip, got dinner (Subway for me, Panda Express for Tony), packed up and then we finally got to head out.

Cool scenery and rocks on the way to Albuquerque

Reminded me of southern Utah scenery a bit

I spied a hot air balloon wayyy out in the distance. Made me so happy

Cemetery that I saw while we were driving on the freeway

It was super weird to be here and not have the Balloon Fiesta going on

Stopped at the Owl Cafe to share breakfast. Their portions are big. We got a quesadilla and hash browns. So delicious!

A bridge!

Brought our breakfast over to my friend Carli's to visit her for a bit. Always nice to meet up with a good friend!

Our truck was so fancy. Tony made sure he didn't run me over with this handy camera in the rearview mirror. Haha :)

So, you might be wondering (esp if you dont follow me on FB, Twitter or IG) , "What the heck were you guys doing in NM if it wasn't for hot air balloons?" Check out the next post to find out the answer!

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