September 18, 2017

Best Airbnb Experience Ever!

Tony found this Airbnb for our weekend seeing Newsies at the Tuacahn and it did not disappoint. He did a fantastic job finding one of the best places (imo) we've ever stayed in. I took pictures of all my favorite parts (basically everything)...

We dropped off our bags Saturday afternoon and were able to check out our surroundings in the daylight which was nice. The owner said to text when we got there but she was not home when we arrived and we actually never saw her the whole time we were there!

Come around the corner of the house and you see a firepit with marshmallow roasting sticks! Aw!

So welcoming! Lets take a look inside....

Helpful, handy information about fun things to do in the area...

Nice to have Kleenx handy just in case. This look felt fancy and was a nice touch.

There was a small TV mounted to the wall above this area and you can see a case of DVD's. So thoughtful! We fell asleep watching Bridge to Terabithia. 

The bed was awesome and very comfortable. I wish we had been able to sleep here 2 nights instead of just 1.

Walk in to the bathroom and this is what you see on the left. Mini fridge, microwave, coffee maker, snacks and utensils. We took advantage of some hot chocolate and fruit bars. Better than a hotel - we didnt get charged extra for using these items.

Tasteful decor - very nice! Very clean too

They had a nice shower and showerhead (I notice this type of thing, esp bc lately I am hating my showerhead)


 Unfortunately I did not get a picture of the hot tub but there was one outside on the other side of the backyard. We used it Saturday night - after Newsies - it was midnight or later maybe but we stayed super quiet and the papers with information typed up for us said we could use the hot tub anytime. It had colored lights and jets (of course) and it felt so nice to relax in there. We also used it the next morning which isn't quite as fun when the sun is out. But still fun anyways. 

I also didnt take a picture of the carpet - lol - but it was so squishy and soft!


The views all over the neighborhood were just so beautiful 

Part of the front yard area


Goodbye awesome Airbnb, may we meet again someday!

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