June 1, 2016

Miracle of America Museum

The sun was in the worst spot but we were headed towards Glacier National Park on Saturday evening after spending a wonderful portion of the day at Gem Mountain in Philipsburg. We had barely passed this sign on the freeway and I saw some of the cool antiques outside and knew we had to stop. Plus I needed to get a picture with a certain something! (revealed at the end of the post).

I pulled out our Nikon camera for these pictures so they will probably look a lot better than my normal iPod and cell phone pictures.

Crazy old bike leaned up against the weathervane

There is something special we noticed about this airplane but it will only have meaning to Tony & I probably and a few close friends who know. The rest of you, will have to wait!

The propellers on this old helicopter reached out pretty far!

History of this large boat that you will see in a moment

Check that out - 4 different types of bombs attached to one plane

 I had to do a double take when I saw the pilot!

Something just isn't right about this picture!

 Can you spot the UFO?

You can see the ground through the floor of the car! 

My handle for the longest time online is "redcherries22" and when I saw these giant cherries, I knew I had to get some pictures!

I wish so badly the museum had been opened when we stopped. I would have loved to walk through and explore the inside and back yard area more. If you are ever in Polson, MT you must must must check this place out. It will catch your eye from the road and luckily there is a driveway that comes up quick on your right and you can go to Walmart or....the Miracle of America Museum. Let me know what you think if you get a chance to go!

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