April 12, 2016

The Start of Questival

I heard about Questival a few months ago online somehow and it sounded crazy fun so I decided to sign me and Tony up to participate. I had a 3 other friends who wanted to do it with us and I even bought cool socks for us all to wear! Unfortunately, they all had to drop out or cancel just a couple weeks before the event. 

 24 hours before the event started, you could download the list of challenges. The categories were pre-event, adventure & fitness, community, checkpoints, festival, food, quirky, service and environment, social media, sponsor checkpoints, surprise, survival and camping, teamwork and travel and hiking.  Lots in each category to pick from, all worth anywhere from 1-12 points. You just had to do as much as you could in 24 hours!

 A pre-race challenge that Tony & I did was to make a humanitarian kit. So we went to the Dollar Tree, found the 5 item we needed and I turned it in once I got to Questival.

Next, with the same group as the girl who is in the picture, I had to pick a card out of a bag and learn a phrase and make a video. So I learned how to say a phrase in Burmese. If I can figure out how to get the video here, I'll post it.

Then I stood in a long line of people but the line behind me got super long so I am glad I jumped in line when I did. It was fun to listen to the conversations going on around me as I waited for Tony. Many teams had fun costumes or matching shirts on. I wish we had done that! I found a great shirt but Tony wouldn't go for it and the socks I got, well, it was too hot at that point to wear them but they would have come in handy later.

Here we are waiting in line to get pizza from one of the food trucks. I got out here around 4:45pm from work and Tony joined me around 5:30.  At 7pm they handed out our flag that meant we could start and it needed to be in every picture (minus the challenges we did beforehand and at the kickoff party) 

Got fueled at the Gnarly booth and took a photo with one of the cardboard cutouts

The food trucks Cup Bop and Waffle Luv were also there 

 Selfie in the crowd - there were 3000 people there!

Took a team photo with the Cotopaxi van

Challenge Complete - pick up and recycle 100 pieces of trash

Challenge complete - climb to the top of the Maverick climbing wall. Normally I scoff at these things because I know how to do the real thing but I humored them and got points for our team. Haha

Spell Q-U-E-S-T-I-V-A-L with strangers

  • I also made a 15 second video talking about what I learned about malaria from NothingButNets.net
  • I visited the Acanela booth and took a photo in front of my favorite travel destination plus entered to win a spot on one of their upcoming expeditions. 
  • I tried to guess how many chargers were at the Power Practical tent

 This was easy - get a picture with a llama!

I headed home to pick up Tony and in the next post you get to see what we did next!

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