April 19, 2016

Questival - Day 2!

Car Camping - another challenge on the list!

Got a picture of the sunrise - hard to get but we managed

 We were supposed to slide on the sand dunes here but they did not open until 8 and it was only 7:30. We decided not to wait around and so we tried to find Paul Bunyan's woodpile with no luck. We drove around, 'lost' for a bit , no phone reception (yet our car camping spot had 4G) and eventually we gave up trying to find a few of the spots in that area that we needed.

We made it to the Tintic Reduction Mill. Crazy place full of graffiti. We did not even know there was a challenge to do here until we saw other Questival teams pulling up or even one group that had camped at the top.  Took a lot of cool pictures and I want to put those in a separate post. 

Doing the challenge of drawing a llama with a piece of charcoal from a campfire!

 We went to Iosepa, Utah. Interesting place - Hawaiian ghost town. We wandered around the cemetary for a little bit, that was neat to check out. 

We also got to stop at the salt flats in between SLC and Wendover and 
took some fun pictures!

We crossed the border in to Nevada and had to take this picture for one of the challenges:

and next we had to take a picture with Wendover Will! He was pretty easy to find

That was all we had time for! We left after spending about 20-30 minutes in Wendover and headed back to Sandy. The Adventure Gear Expo (probably my favorite Utah expo!) was finishing up it's final day. We got there at 7pm and walked around checking out all the vendors that were there.

It was the best! Wish we had a little more time there but overall I think we got to see most everything we wanted to see. 

So...we decided to do another Questival this year but in a different place and state! Where do you think we'll go do this next? Leave a comment with your answer!

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