May 25, 2014

On our way to San Francisco!

Hoot is on her way to San Francisco! Haha
Thank you Evan for not dropping her

Crazy rims on the freeway

I spy...

Yahoo, getting closer!

Paying the toll.

Oh palm trees. Oh California.

Getting closer

Steep streets!

Sacramento! yayay

Parking was definitely the most tricky part. Garages were $35 for the day, at least where we were. We did street parking and ended up paying less than $2 total I think and that was not even for when we parked at the Pier. Good stuff.  If you get to SF before 9am I think it is, it is a lot less to park. After 6pm it is free to park. There is a good app to download that lets you pay for parking without having to go back to your car. Also, this map is good for finding a parking garage and planning your trip to the bay area. 

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