April 29, 2014

Our 2014 Travel Plans [Spring & Summer]

Tony sent me an email that I got one day at work and it made me so excited inside! It was some trips he was thinking about doing , trips to do together, pretty much from now until September.  Here's what we have & have done so far.

March - 
Snow Canyon State Park
Zion National Park

April - 
Arizona to visit friends and help with the Easter Pageant in Mesa

May -
Vegas for my friend Emily's wedding
California for my grandpa's 90th birthday
Camping in southern UT with a trailer from Salt Creek Imports
Idaho for Tony's mom - birthday celebration

June -
Hot Air Balloon Festival in Salina
Gem Mountain in Montana for our 3rd anniversary (this was postponed from April bc of weather)

July - 
Denver trip

August - 
Flaming Gorge
Grand Tetons

I would also like to visit The Mighty Five , we have done 1 already - 4 more to go! Of course we have been to them all but not this year. 

I am so stoked for our summer travel plans! We hope to get the tow hitch put on my car before our next trip. It'd be awesome to go to a teardrop camper meetup sometime this summer too, it all depends on where and when. 

If anyone in UT (or close) reading this wants to meet up with us at any of these places , let me know and we can talk details. It'd be fun to have you come or meet up with us there!

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