March 31, 2014

St. George Weekend!

Omgosh, so! The weekend of March 21st I was supposed to go to Arizona. I wasnt able to get the time off from work approved so I told Tony we must get out of SLC, go camping, go somewhere, just get away. We planned everything pretty much on Thursday , better late than never!

We packed up my car Friday evening and headed down to St. George - Snow Canyon State Park to be exact. We found a good enough camping spot and set up the air mattress in the back of my car. It fit perfect, just like it did in my Mazda.  Sleeping turned out to be not so comfortable because our new air mattress went flat just a few hours in to the night! Tony pumped it up again, it went flat again awhile later. We resorted to giving up on the air mattress and Tony leaned the passenger seat way back and I slept on the back seat of the car.  Fun times but it was okay.

We did head to Walmart in the morning to get another air mattress and then checked out this cool park that was in the area!


The rocks in the park were so super cool, there was lots of exploring we could do but we only did a little bit. I definitely want to come here again next time we are in the area

There was a great view from up here

We only stayed about 45 minutes or so , then we headed out to Snow Canyon State Park to actually do some hiking instead of camping. 

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