March 31, 2014

Snow Canyon State Park

This is getting in to the park, there is a cool round about with a scene of indians, cowboys , horses and other animals sculpted out of metal

It was a beautiful day!

Here we are!

We stopped and found a picnic spot for lunch. Pita bread lunchmeat sandwiches with string cheese and baby carrot. So so good

My car hanging out ready to roll!

The start of our hike

Petrified sand dunes - crazy cool

It was kind of hot but not too bad. We had frozen Gatorades that tasted so delicious as the ice started to melt and it got to be like a slushy

This is the trail we hiked on. Sadly we only saw 1 butterfly

Sweet panoramic shot I took of the area

We found a cave to go in and explore. Nice and cool

Oh, dont mind me!

This was after we went down , view from the top. The back of the rock area was the cave we had just explored. Really there was not much to check out inside but it was fun

It was fun to read these boards that gave very good information about the area

Sorry if I overshared the pictures from our hike. It was just so so pretty & felt refreshing to be out enjoying the sun and clean air and exercising!

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