November 14, 2013

Dam , Good Times

Saturday afternoon after we finished up with the hot air balloons we went to the Carl Hayden visitor Center just right outside of Page, AZ

Checking out the Glen Canyon Dam near Page, AZ

So far down.  Little did I know that we would be taking a closer look!

Another view down below

Loved the yellow leaves on the trees behind me

I was so excited when Tony said we could go on the tour. $5/ticket.

Starting out the tour. A side view of the bridge

Touching what the dam is made out of ..this kind of cement

little too dark...

Just about right

Had a family on the tour with us who own the Czech It Out hot air balloon. 
They were so nice!

Green green grass

Having a great time

We had been wayyy up there!

This was pretty to me for some reason. I just kept looking at it

Dial 111 for an emergency!?

My sexy lover

The end! Have you ever been to the Glen Canyon Dam? Did you take the tour!?

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Yi-Jiun said...

nice pictures. Surely you had a great time. I love traveling too. I'll see if I can travel abroad with my kids next summer.