November 6, 2013

Balloon Regatta in Page, AZ

Driving from our camping spot that we had pulled in to at about 2am Saturday morning to see this awesome view. We woke up a bit too early because we forgot about the time change so we slept in the Walmart parking lot for a bit , got some food and headed over to where the balloonists were gathering at 7am

It was cold!! Tony actually bought a jacket because he didnt have one that he brought.

Tony waiting for me as I took a picture of all the vehicles gathered
We found Judy and got some instructions from the man in charge and we were off!
Judy had a good spot behind a hotel in the parking lot that she had found. I thought all the balloons were going to launch from the field where we had first gathered but everyone was free to pick their own spot to set up their balloon. Page, AZ is very balloon friendly. 
I liked that.

Getting the burner set up 

There was another balloon setting up in the parking lot next to us

Testing 1,2,3

Another balloon behind us setting up

I got to help hold the balloon open for the fan to blow air inside.

I love that Tony puts up with my hot air balloon madness

This balloon said Page, AZ

Kenny? I think his name was...shoot I do not remember, he drove Judy's vehicle and Tony & I jumped in to be part of the 'chase crew' ....following the balloon so that when it landed we could be there to help. Here we are stopped and watching Judy's balloon.

Judy eventually landed on a street. People came out of their houses to talk and look at the balloon. It was pretty cool. I'm glad her balloon made a safe and smooth landing.

Ceremony for the sponsors who got to ride in the balloon

Hot air balloon tablecloth, cups, tins, even muffins in the shape of balloons! Sparkling cider and wine.

This part of the ceremony each cup is filled with a little bit to drink and each person has to lean forward after the balloonists prayer is said and drink from their cup with no hand while getting a little water poured on their heads. I remember doing this with Tony back in 2010!

Such a fun morning and I'm glad the weather was good enough that Judy was able to fly her balloon.

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