August 11, 2013

Great Basin Museum

Warning: There are going to be a LOT of pictures in this post but I just couldnt stop taking pictures in here of all the amazing pieces. Check them wont want to miss this. For reals!

Saturday afternoon we left Salina and went to the Great Basin Museum

Looked at the rock collection first. I have my own rock collection and rocks in general are pretty fascinating to me.

These earrings were so pretty

All lit up!

Every home should have a piano. I had one growing up and even though I rarely play the piano anymore it's nice having one in our home. Even if its just a keyboard ;-)

This made me laugh.

Who knew there was so many different kinds of barbed wire?!

Loved this  -  made out of a hammer! So creative

Shudder - yuck...they are crickets!

Picture made entirely out of butterfly wings! WOW

Cool fossil type rocks

Kids, this is how phone systems used to work back in the day...

So interesting to look at

 I totally remember having a phone like this when I was a kid

Looking at this old medical/dental equipment was kind of creepy

Pretty colors

I remember having a tv similar to this when I was a kid. Crazy!

Love how depending on the time of day there were different stations to turn to

Things used to be so cheap!

Oohed and aahed at the glass bottles

Old school bottles and labels

Tony with the Mr. Man

Mr. Man!
So creepy but his face made me laugh. Just had to get a picture

I cant imagine putting a kid in this to play. Seems so...not safe? with the metal I guess. I'm sure kids were just fine in it though. Haha at the potty chair in there

A high chair back in the day

Haha at the boy's face

The boy on the right, his face! LOL

And these kids - their eyes - so creepy but made me laugh

Tony wanted to touch all the things...esp the things that said "Please Do Not Touch"

So, that,in a quick picture post covers a bit of what was in this museum. You really have to go check it out for yourself, it's something really cool to experience.

More info here Great Basin Museum in Delta, UT

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