August 16, 2012

Thousand Springs

After my brother's wedding weekend, Tony & I left Boise with the intent of making a few stops on our way back to SLC. First we stopped by the visitor's center to get a stamp in our Passport book.

Along the scenic drive. Wind turbines!

It was very hot because we were there the middle of the afternoon so we did not walk around outside too much, just read the information in our brochure as we drove along and had the ac on high!

To the place I wanted to see the most - Thousand Springs!

You can start to see the springs off to the right of the picture. This was as close as we could get so we couldn't get the best pictures but these'll do

More springs. They were just so pretty and I could hear them from the road

On our way again , headed to SLC,  there were a lot of storm clouds off to the right

 As you can see by clicking this link , there are lots of neat things to see in this area that we were in!

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