February 23, 2012

Tonto Natural Bridge

The drive out to Payson. I miss seeing cactus everywhere. It's so AZ!

Do you see the dirt heart shape on the side of the mountain? 
Might have to click the picture & make it bigger to see it. I thought it was so neat!

Tony picked to go to Tonto Natural Bridge in Payson, AZ last weekend when we were in town. Payson is a couple hours from Mesa. We set out about noon and had a few hours to enjoy the state park before it closed at 5pm. The cost is $5/person unless you have a state park pass. Here are some pictures we took.

 First we checked out the cool waterfall trail. A short walk but lots of stairs (as you can see from Tony walking in front of me)

The first waterfall area.

 Farther in he went - I think we weren't supposed to go over there. Then he came back
out and posed for a picture :)


Just gorgeous! Then we hiked up and out to go to the other waterfall - the natural bridge.

There are people standing across from us, if you click the picture to make it bigger - do you see them?

 View of the bridge area from up near the parking lot

 purple rocks!

I can see that we are getting closer!

So many colors on the trees.

 the waterfall!

the scenery is just so pretty


Tony figuring out the best setting to take a picture of us while waiting for potential photo bombers to leave the area

Tony on top of a tall rock

 seeing the waterfall from the other side

 so many purple rocks!

 Almost back to the car - glad we took a right instead of going straight over more rocks and water.

 I loved the bark on this tree. Found out later it was an Alligator Juniper!
So different from the tree bark next to it.

 I'd never seen this bridge before! But this was also my first time hiking the
whole thing instead of the short trail.

We were locked in! Luckily we were able to unhook the lock to the gate and the sign on the other side said "do not enter" . Haha!

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Emily said...

Looks like you and Tony have had many travels as newlyweds! That is a great idea.