November 20, 2017

Rock House Adventure

 I absolutely love stopping by these rock houses on my way to and from Utah to Arizona and visa versa. You have to be on the 89A to find them but it's a nice place to get out, explore and stretch tired cramped legs.

Get ready for a lot of selfies with my selfie-stick since Tony opted to stay in the car so I didn't have an "Instagram husband" to help me! Haha

This area was created by Blanche Russell who was a dancer in the 1920's. Her husband became ill so she stopped dancing to care for him instead. As they traveled northwest into Marble Canyon (Az) their car broke down. Blanche constructed a shelter against a large rock and they spent the night.

They decided they loved the area - the scenery and isolation so Blanche and Bill purchased some of the land in the 1930's and made various buildings out of the rocks.


The area behind me I had never really walked over to or remember seeing so it was nice to find something a little new!


The views here are pretty gorgeous

How about this outhouse?

On the road stop - Grand Canyon!

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