November 8, 2017

Horseshoe Bend, AZ

 Since we were in Page, AZ for a hot air balloon festival this past weekend and this amazing place was only a few miles from our hotel, I went with my friend Kylee, her son James and their friend Whitney. Tony opted out because he was mega-tired and isn't too excited about seeing attractions multiple times. I, however, always like getting pictures so I went with Kylee who was so nice to drive.

 The sun was not at the best level yet for taking pictures, as you can see. I'm glad we were able to stick around for the sun to go lower. 

While we waited...I love catching these little rainbow reflections in the sky

I also really love the layered look that I am able to capture occasionally of the landscape. It just looks so cool!

Above and to the right of the famous Horseshoe Bend

Sun is getting at a bit better level

As usual, there were quite a few people there, taking pictures and soaking in the scenery

Ahh, here we go...

The sunset was also pretty incredible

People walking to and from the viewpoint

I am not sure when but I've been told that the city of Page is setting up a walkway so people have to walk on a certain path and there will be a fence or gate set up so you can only get so close to the edge. I understand...but hate that they are doing this. It's been fine for years (to me), why start charging now? But you know, it's always all about the money. So I suggest going to visit sooner than later.


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