October 23, 2017

Pandamonium at the San Diego Zoo


 Taking a break from the Albuquerque trip to tell you about my first time ever at the San Diego zoo! Since Tony's parents and aunt are in town visiting for about 10 days, San Diego is one of the places they wanted to go. I'll blog about the other places we went in different posts. But for now...it's all about the pandas.

 After the bus ride (our bus had a panda on it!) around the zoo, our first stop was the pandas because I wanted to go here and so did Tony's aunt. We got to get in at a different spot since we had a handicapped pass with us. That made the walk shorter which was nice but later I did do part of the panda trail because I saw a smash penny machine and needed some panda pennies!

 This panda was walking around quite a bit but it was hard to get good shots. I think I only got 1 I really am pleased with. I also wished I had our good camera with us but we were super tight on space with 5 people in one car + 2 wheelchairs so some things just couldn't come.

The panda featured in all these pictures is named Bai Yun.

Showing her best side I guess?

Oh. My. Gosh. A PANDA SHOP! I did not want to leave this fun store either!

So many pandas!

It would have been fun to buy my nieces and nephews shirts. It's the thought that counts though, right?

Socks, pens, pencils, paper, ornaments, globes, salt and pepper shakers, frames...

The panda shirt in the pic on the right was my most favorite but $34! I didnt even look at the prices of the other shirts.

 These are the magnet options available. I picked the one of the mother smothering her panda baby.  Haha! But it was seriously soo hard to choose.

This is the favorite picture that was taken

I cant believe that paper frame on the left was made with real poo. Hilarious!

 If I ever get to go back to the zoo then I am going to eat at this cafe.

I spied a couple smash penny machines on the Panda Trek so I hustled ahead of everyone else to find the start of the trek instead of cutting through at a closer spot. I am glad I started out at the beginning of the trek because there was some cool stuff to see, including a photographer taking pictures with a green screen background. Pictures were so expensive though! $27+. 

For sure my favorite part of the San Diego zoo but other experiences and sights came in a close second. Stay tuned for more zoo posts about what we did and saw!

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Nina said...

OMG OMG OMG!!! SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! This is pretty amazing!! awwww im dead! Its all my panda dreams coming true in one place.. I need to go there soon!! awww