September 12, 2017

Labor Day Weekend Reunion w/Inlaws

On our drive through Nevada and then in to Idaho, we saw smokey skies... 

Keep your forests green!

Water being let out - so much water!

Lots of fires burning everywhere.

Kinda ruined the scenery but what can you do?

Smokey skies...

Instead of camping in our teardrop this time we stayed in a tent my brother in law has and we didnt put the rain fly on which was cool because we could just look up at the sky all night long and the sun woke us up in the morning.

Hayfork Campground is where we camped 

It was really pretty nice despite cars coming through to go to a place farther up the road or just thinking they could camp for the weekend in our area. Nope! One guy from Ireland I believe it was, did come and stay a night. It was interesting to hear his story.

We brought our gravity chairs - good move!

Such a nice weekend being around Tony's family, doing crafts, eating lots of delicious food and hanging out. Check my next post to see what we did on Sunday!

Ready for the next destination!

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