March 23, 2017

Exploring Salvation Mountain

I might never of heard of Salvation Mountain / Slab City if it wasn't for the Roadtripper app on my iPad and using it to plan a trip to Joshua Tree National Park, I probably would have not ever heard of this place. 

We pulled up on a Saturday mid-morning and started exploring right away. It was pretty easy to find once we got to Niland. Salvation Mountain is located on an abandoned Marine training base. 

This place was created by Leonard Knight and it took him 25 years to build. He passed away in 2014 but volunteers keep things looking nice.

Leonard built this with straw, cement and its covered in thousands of gallons of paint that people donate. 

Taken from Wikipedia: "Knight also began what he liked to call "the museum".[15] It is modeled after a hot air balloon Knight tried to create before Salvation Mountain. He intended the balloon to be seen by all below it, as it stated "GOD IS LOVE" in bright red on a white fabric. This ideal carried over to Salvation Mountain. The museum is a semi dome structure in the mountain that contains several small items given to him by friends and visitors. Each item has a significance and more often than not, visitors seek out Salvation Mountain to pray and leave an item at the mountain as symbolism of giving themselves to God."

I love that a hot air balloon was involved with the making of this!

Click this link to see a video of the inside

If you think this is pretty neat, you'll have to check out what we saw in East Jesus next. Salvation Mountain pretty much merge in to East Jesus. Lots of awesome pics taken there.

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