March 28, 2017

East Jesus Adventures

Driving down the road from Salvation Mountain is a town of sorts, called East Jesus. Where people live for free with no rules. Well, I am sure there are rules of sorts. Snowbirds come here as well as people that just live here all year round. 

"Have a look-see, Take a picture, Rejoice."

The Range, where outdoor concerts and entertainment happen. I think this mostly happens on the weekends. 

East Jesus to the left, Slab City hostel to the right as well as a library

Wicked Witch/Wizard of Oz inspired

Playing Jenga!

Welcome to Whoville?

Put Birds on Everything. Yesss!

I had seen this car with the legs sticking out the top online and was excited to finally see it with my own eyes. 

It's all in the details

Looking down a wall of glass bottles

Making friends!

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Another game..this time - bowling!

There really was a tree (tray) fort but we didn't go up.

Extremely weird decorated car with barbie dolls...not sure where their clothes went. Also a bunch of CDs covering one of the windows. 

East Jesus was quite the experience, everyone we saw or met was really friendly and nice. I'd go back and explore again sometime!

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