June 23, 2016

Eyes to the Sky Hot Air Balloons

Salina, UT has a hot air balloon festival called Eyes to the Sky and it's every June. Tony and I got engaged here in 2010 up in a hot air balloon! It was soo amazing and my first time up every in a balloon. It's been our tradition to go back every year to see the balloons and camp for the weekend and this is our 6th time going. Every year has gotten better and better and lucky for me to have 4G this time with my phone so I was able to Snapchat a lot of cool stuff we did as well as stay in touch with family and friends throughout the day.

We drove all night (okay, it was only 2.5 hours) on Friday after the Millcreek Venture Out event. 
There was not too much we wanted to do in town that was going on for the night and we ended up camping right next to the field so it'd be easy to get up in the morning.

It had seemed windy in the night but when we woke up around 6am, the wind had died down and everything seemed like perfect conditions for flying.

I was SO excited to learn that the owl hot air balloon was at this event. I thought I was not going to be able to see it until we went down for hot air balloons in Panguitch! 

Isn't the owl beautiful? I love all the details and the colors too. So bright and vibrant.

Such a cool shot, I've never gotten one like this before

Tony likes the shots where the balloons block out the sun so I kind of got a good one 
here I think.


I always love seeing Smokey up there!

This balloon looks so crazy to me! But it sure is a cool one.

We were trying to help crew for the pilot of this balloon but they ended up not really needing us. It was nice to get to know the owners a bit, they are so nice!

Definitely a morning well spent in Salina. After the balloons were done we had bagels and cream cheese in the car for breakfast and drove the teardrop to our favorite camping spot, parked it and headed to Walmart in Richfield to pick up a few things. We were back to Salina by noon to watch a hilarious hypnotist show. In the afternoon we got super hot after walking around the vendors and watching kids play with the bubble machine and chalk throwing so we headed to Richfield to swim in the city pool for only $2! Great time!

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